March 26, 2012

Time is Flying

                                         Two Months Old

My Appearance:  At my 2 month check up I was 23.25 inches long which
is in the 60% and weighed 11 lbs 12 oz, in the 50%.  This weight may
be a little off because I had a wet diaper and a full tummy when I was
weighed but we will go with it.  I still have a full head of hair and
it is getting longer.  It is a light brown color about the same as
last month.  I still have beautiful blue eyes and I think they might
stay that way because they have not changed much in the last few
weeks.  I am fitting into 3-6 month clothes and currently still in
size 1 diapers.  I have to get my nails trimmed about once a week.  I
still don’t have any eyebrows and everything is about the same as last
month only bigger.

Milestones:  On March 1st I gave mommy her first real smile.  It made
her so happy that I do it all the time now (sometimes I also make a
little noise like I am laughing but I’ll save that for a few months
down the road).  I like the bath now, it is not scary anymore and I
love when I get to kick around in the water, I get mommy wet every
time.  I am also very alert and can follow mommy or daddy around with
my eyes.  I also started sleeping in my crib in my very own room.
This was difficult for mommy but it was time to get on a better
sleeping schedule.

Daily Routine
My schedule is more of the same but a little more
stable these days.  I eat every 3 hours, this includes during the
night.  I love eating and so it doesn’t take me to long anymore,
anywhere from 20-40 minutes.  I take several naps during the day; I
usually stay up for 2 and sleep for 1, eat and repeat.  I am getting
good at tummy time when I feel like working but there are times I just
lay my head down and don’t even try.  Mostly I like to play with mommy
and daddy all day, take a bath and go to bed around 8 O’clock and
start all over at 6 O’clock the next day.

Special Events:  This month I got to meet my Uncle Jed, Aunt Kaitlyn,
and Cousin Hadley.  I had a good time while they were here and loved
getting kisses from Hadley.  That is about the only special event that
happened this past month I just got to spend a lot of time with mommy
and daddy

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