March 14, 2012

All Smiles

 Well the first magic moment happened on March 1st and he has been doing it since then.  It was a little difficult deciding weather or not his smiles were real or if they were still the "gas smiles" he has had since birth.  I was changing his diaper and talking to him and I got a smile.  I was so excited because I thought it was a real one so I tried to get another one.  He ended up smiling 3 times and so I knew they were real.  I was so excited it melted my heart to see that smile, in fact it still does every time I get one from him.  Fred says that he was first to get a smile and it happened multiple times before but this was my first time to see it. 

This is exactly how Fred smiles, a half smile that is crooked.

It took us a little while to get a picture of his beautiful grin.

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