August 4, 2012

The Less Then 1 Day Vaca

Well we had another spontaneous little trip this week.  Fred is working up in Cleveland which is only about an hour away so we thought he could come home every few days.  Well this weekend he is flying to Colorado for a friends wedding and so he was going to come home on Thursday night.  He asked me at 2:30pm if I could find a room and come up to visit him.  So I started getting ready to go.  It took two hours but Blaiden, Kiara, and I were on our way up to Cleveland.  I have to say I was pretty proud that I could get everything packed up and be on the road that quick.  It was great to see Fred and I know Blaiden enjoyed it too.  We went out to dinner and then just hung out in the room.  Blaiden got to stay up till 9, what an exciting life we lead.  We all woke up early when Fred left to go to work and so we were gone for about a total of 16 hours but it was worth it.  I hope Fred has fun in Colorado this weekend.  We might get to see him again early next week.
Blaiden no longer sits still so this is the only decent picture from the night.  He was also trying to eat everything on the table so we had to give him his binky to keep him from eating the table.

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