April 8, 2013


Easter weekend we got to use the tickets that Fred got me for our anniversary.  The first games were on Friday night.  The plan was to take Blaiden and when it got to late for him we would put him in our sling carrier and hope that he would go to sleep for the rest of the game.  We were waiting on another couple that was meeting us, they got stuck in traffic and were going to be late.  Blaiden was getting very sleepy and cranky.  By the time everyone was ready to go Blaiden wanted to go to bed.  I was going to stay back with my friend Lindsay while the other 4 people went to the 2nd half of the first game and put Blaiden to bed but everyone decided we would just all go together after Blaiden was asleep.  So I put him to bed and after he fell asleep we were ready to go.
Walking out that door was one of the hardest things I have ever done.  I know Blaiden is 14 months old but I have never left him with anyone other then Fred (I guess I left him with my mom once while I went to the dentist back in Colorado).  We don't have family around and so Blaiden is with us all the time.  Everyone in the car was trying to talk to me and tell me it was fine but I knew I couldn't talk because I would just start crying and want to go back and just skip the games.

We made it to the stadium and I had to call Lindsay's parents just to check on Blaiden and make sure he was still sleeping, he was.  Duke and Michigan State were playing and at half Fred and I went to go buy some t-shirts.  We were just holding hands walking together and I told Fred this is our first date alone since Blaiden was born.  It was great to spend that time together and watch our teams play each other.  But when it was time to go I wanted to get out of there and speed back to the house to get back to Blaiden.  He did fine, only woke up once when the dogs were barking but put himself right back to sleep.

On Sunday The games was earlier and so we got to take Blaiden this time.  It was so fun to watch him take in all the action.  He would just stare at everything.  I don't think he smiled until half time.  During half I took him out to run around, he had so much fun running around and smiling at people, looking out the big windows and trying to run away from me.  The second half was just as fun for him.  He learned to clap and would practice this every time anyone else was clapping.  Towards the end he was ready to go so we ended up leaving with 2 minutes left in the game.  This was okay because unfortunately Duke was losing by a lot.

Overall this was a great trip.  We got to see 2 of the 3 games, we got to see Duke play for the first time in person, Fred and I got a real date night, and Blaiden enjoyed going to a game. 

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