April 6, 2013

Easter Weekend

I neglected the blog last month, I will do better this month.

Last weekend we spent Easter in Indianapolis.  We headed down to go and watch the NCAA tournament.  We met up with some friends and stayed at their parents house.  We had a great time and everyone was so sweet to Blaiden.  They had Easter eggs so we could have an Easter egg hunt, he had a basket, and even some candy waiting for him.

We left on Friday morning, the car was packed because we were bringing Kiara with us on this little trip.  We ended up stopping in Columbus to eat lunch and found a park that Blaiden and Kiara could play.  It was a nice day and so it worked out perfectly to have a picnic and play on the swings.

 That night we went to the games (without Blaiden, that is a whole other post).  Saturday morning, Blaiden came alone with the girls to look for some bridesmaid dresses, while the boys took the dogs (all 5 of them) out to the woods to burn off some energy.  That afternoon Blaiden played outside with all the dogs and we had his Easter egg hunt because it was supposed to rain on Sunday, and just enjoyed the nice weather.


On Sunday (after a very rough night, probably because of all the sugar Blaiden had from the day before) we had a nice and relaxing morning.  Blaiden needed to take an early nap so Fred and I took him for a little drive so he could fall asleep.  We had a great Easter dinner, and then it was time to go to the basketball games.  Blaiden came this time and had a great time.  We drove home that night and got home around 2AM.

It was a great weekend and it was so nice to see some great friends.

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