January 6, 2015

A Family Update

I had this great plan that I was going to write this post the same time I sent out all of our Christmas cards.  Well that was last month (at least I'm not behind on everything).  I knew I wanted to do it so I figured I would write it anyway. 

Blaiden:  He had a wonderful first full year of being a big brother.  He is so sweet to his sister, they already have a special relationship with each other that melts my heart.  Although he turned 2 at the first of the year I can't say he is a "terrible" twos.  I would describe his personality of just being a boy, he is wild, crazy, and naughty but also sweet, thoughtful, and giving.  He loves water and can find it anytime we go outside, doesn't matter if it hasn't rained in a week or if it is freezing outside.  He can't wait for some snow to stick so he can go make a snowman and I quote "Throw a snowball at Mom!"  Some of his favorite things right now are Mickey Mouse, the color red, and doing things all by himself. 

Adilene: This little girl is just growing and growing.  I have done her 1 year update not to long ago so there is a lot more information on that post.  Her personality is so funny.  Her favorite person in the entire world is Blaiden, he can make her laugh whenever he wants.  She now follows him around and they love playing in his room.  She has started to get some stranger anxiety and so in public she really wants to be held by her mama.  She gets stronger everyday and is growing out of her baby stage. 

Fred:  He is a full out doctor now with his medical license and all.  Another big thing for him is he is now a published author in The Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.  He worked with another resident and it took about 2 years.  We are all very proud of him!  He is in the middle of his 2nd year of residency and is doing great. 

Jessi:  I always have the hardest time when it comes to my updates, I just don't feel like there is a ton of news worthy information.  I have completed my first full year of being a mama of 2, which isn't a huge accomplishment but it took some getting use to.  I have met some new friends and found some new places that I love in our area.  Other then that its just the day to day stuff which I love but it's all a little insignificant. 

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