January 8, 2015

Last Year's Resolutions

So I wrote a post last year with my New Year resolutions and I thought it would be good to look back and see how I did.

1. Run another 1/2 marathon and beat my last time of 2hr 9min (I'm shooting for one in June)
       -- So this did not happen.  The one I thought was in June turned out to be in April and I didn't know this until a few weeks before the race.  My next thought was to do one in September.  Turns out finding time to run with 2 different kids schedules and Fred being so busy was harder then I expected.  These are all excuses I know but o'well I'll try again next year.

2. Complete a project from Pinterest every month.
       --Completed!  At the first part of the year I was going to keep track of all the projects I did each month but at some point in the year I lost the list.  Some of my favorites were making some new potholders, crafts for the kids birthday parties, updating our house number, and making hooded towels.

3. Do 2 major projects for our house.
       --Completed.  One of my favorite projects we did was update the entry way.  It didn't cost a ton and only took a few days and it looks so much better.  The next thing we did was a TON of work on the basement and the living area is completed.  Now we just need to finish all the other rooms down there.

4. Buy a new car! (This means getting rid of debt)
        --Half way completed.  In the middle of the year we decided that we didn't really want to get a new car right now.  Getting rid of our debt is going great thanks to Fred working a little extra.  Who knows when the new car will come but I am in no hurry my Jeep works for now.   

Overall I am happy with the outcome of these goals.  2014 was a great year and I hope 2015 is just as good. 

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