January 14, 2015

Family Pictures

I just realized that I have not shared the family pictures that we had taken while we were visiting Colorado.  I wanted to wait until we had sent our our Christmas cards.  My mom planned it for all of the family.  It was a little hard to get all the kids looking the same direction and smiling at the same time but I think the pictures turned out great.  Here are a few of my favorites.

 Getting family pictures is one thing I don't have a problems spending money on.  I want to do it every few months.  Fred hates when I tell him I have booked something so I try and limit myself.

 I might be a little basis but boy, we are one good looking family!

 Our family is growing!  There are 3 new kids since we have all taken a picture together.  Blaiden and Hadley had a great time together!
 My parents enjoy being G-ma and G-pa probably more then they enjoyed being Mom and Dad!  They have such a good time with all the kids running around.  I think the kids could burn down the house and my patents would be right there laughing along with them. 

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