October 17, 2012

These teeth

Blaiden's schedule has been messed up since we left for Colorado (over a month ago) but he seemed to adjust really well while we were there.  That is until Thursday night where he would wake up crying every time his binky would fall out.  The next day I noticed that he had one of his top teeth coming in.  Friday night only got worse and on Saturday while we were flying home I could tell they were really bothering him.  We got delayed in Chicago and when we finally got on the plane Blaiden cried (very loudly) until 15 minutes before we landed.  We didn't get home until midnight and so he was so exhausted that he did sleep pretty well that night. 

My niece Hadley was also sick when we were home and I am not sure if Blaiden got that or not, I know I did and it was not fun dealing with a cranky baby and a head cold at the same time.  Each night has gotten a little bit better and hopefully we will be back to him sleeping all night soon.

As of right now he has 2 teeth that have come in and one more that I can see that will be coming soon.  They usually come-in in pairs so I am sure the another one will be coming in shortly.  Last night Blaiden only woke up once at about 2 AM so that was a nice treat for me.  Almost 4 hours of undisturbed sleep and then another 5 before he woke up for the day!  His naps are normal so it is only the night waking that has changed.  I am sure that we will get back on track but then we will be off again for another 6 weeks so who knows how his sleeping will work out then.

Just wanted to leave this will a few recent pictures of our little man.

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