October 19, 2012

Time for a hair cut

I have scheduled our family pictures for the end of this month and so I knew it was time to cut Blaiden's hair.  Fred has been saying this for a few months now but I was just afraid that after we cut off his little curls they would not grow back.  The hairs around his ears were so curly but that is the only spot that his baby hair did not fall out.  all of his new hair that came in does not have the cute curls, although the top of his hair was wavy.

Well I didn't want our pictures to look like he just got a hair cut so I figured that I needed to get it done.  Blaiden did great, he sat on my lap during the hair cut and Fred was there to take the pictures.  Blaiden did want to eat his hair and the only thing that was more interesting then that was the car keys (gross I know but it worked at the time).  Now we have a cute little boy with hair that looks a lot blonder then it did before.

This was taken the night before but it really shows how crazy his hair was

This is the morning before when I went it and combed it just to try and see if he really needed a hair cut.  He did.

He looks excited!

Yummy keys!

Fred got a hair cut too.  My men look so handsome!

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