June 16, 2013

Family News...

I thought that I would do a family update.  I was going to write about our house and share some pictures but 2 weeks in and it still is not put together.  Also my mom is coming out this week to help out and do some painting so I will wait on that post. 

Fred.  He is doing good, loving life not having school or a job.  This little break is coming to an end soon, however and real life is finally starting for him.  I think he is a little excited to go back into the medicine (he will never say this).  Lately he has been the handy man around our house building shelves, fixing the bathtub, working outside, and anything else I ask of him.  He has been great.  Also Happy Father's Day today.  I will write another post on that.

Blaiden. O this sweet little terror.  He has adjusted great to the new house, we were a little worried.  He LOVES our backyard, and our neighbors yard.  They have a play set and Blaiden thinks he owns it.  He is getting a new tooth and so the last 2 days he has been a little grouchy at times.  One of his favorite things to do is go for a ride on his trike around the neighborhood.  He is almost 17 months old!!  He is still not talking, that we can understand that is.  He is so tall that everyone thinks he is older then he is, NBA player?

Jessi.  Well the big news on me is I am pregnant!!  That's right the Korpi's are expecting #2.  This is more family news I guess but it can be under my name since I am the one with the expanding waist line.  We are very excited.  This one should be here probably the end of November.  Fred and I are both thinking in the middle of Thanksgiving dinner.  We still have about a month before we find out the sex.  Blaiden has no clue and we are not sure how he is going to like sharing time with another one but we are hopeful that he will want to help and love the baby just as much as we do. 

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