June 2, 2013

To Blaiden From Dad


            Wait a minute, you are already over a year old? How does this possibly happen? I remember not long ago when we brought you home from the hospital. Were you cute, nah, but you were perfect. I don’t think you will understand until you have kids of your own but we spent more time worrying about you and watching you when you were asleep than when you were awake. If we were both lying in bed and couldn’t hear you then we would immediately stare at the monitor. There were more nights than you can believe that one of us would softly put our hand on your chest, just to make sure you were breathing.

            Wow, your 16 months old! Instead of checking if you’re breathing, now we watch the monitor to see how many animals you are snuggling with and how many you pushed away. You only take one nap a day which is our most productive time. I’m on vacation now and loving all the time we can spend together, but you are mostly loving the bacon I bring home from the hospital each morning. The craziest thing I notice about you is how quickly you learn things. We teach you things and you pick them up so quickly!

            Here is one thing your Mom can’t stand: you are such a boy. All you want to do is be outside, once out there you throw things, beat things, get dirty, and rip up the weeds. It gets even worse inside while you chase Kiara with anything that moves, dive off of the couch, and try to climb everything. What a little Man! You and I will sit around and listen to some Country music, you like to clap along to the beat or dance depending on the song. We will also watch some cartoons but only if it is Mickey or Jake.
            Here’s the crazy thing, if I start watching anything sports you will climb right up on my lap and just stare at the TV! After we went to watch Duke 2 months you learned how to clap and now you can’t stop! This year will be so fun with the Broncos! I’m thinking about getting you a Montee Ball Jersey for you to wear this year!!

            Well Blaiden, its no secret that you’re awesome. Everything that mom and dad do is funny (because I’m hilarious) according to you. You laugh all the time with us, whether we are yard sale-ing, headed to a safari trip, or just cruising. Blaiden, you love singing along in the back seat with Dad and Mom, don’t ever give that up.

            I want you to stop growing up, I want you to be a little guy that sleeps on my chest, I want you to be the guy that I came home with me 16 months ago. I guess some babies grow up to be perfect little boys, because you did. I guess some of those little boys grow up to be little trouble makers, because you did. I really don’t know what is next for this little boy but what I do know is that I love you and you will be perfect, Mama loves you and Kiara will lick your face and love you too. Blaiden always remember that Dad and Mom are here for you, you are never alone and you are always perfect.


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