August 17, 2013

Hall of Fame 2013

This year the Hall of Fame weekend was a lot of fun.  I say weekend but really it's about a 2 week celebration.  We started out by going to a balloon festival on July 20th.  It was fun to walk around and we met another doctor's wife with 2 kids.  The wind was blowing too hard for any hot air balloons to take off but we got to eat some good greasy carnival food.

The next weekend we all stayed up late and went to the big fireworks show.  Blaiden thought that this was very fun.  He was tired but determined not to fall asleep.  We got to run around outside for a while but then it started raining.  Trying to keep a toddler busy in a parked car is no easy task and we had to do it for almost 2 hours.  When the fireworks finally started Blaiden sat on my lap and I rolled down the window.  We were very close and so the noise scared Blaiden.  He sat on Fred's lap for a while but ended up on my lap to watch the end.  When it was time to go Blaiden was asleep before we got out of the parking lot.

This past Saturday was the big Hall of Fame parade.  We were planning on getting there early but Blaiden decided to sleep in a bit more than normal so we ended up only getting there about 20 min before it started and had to stand in a crowd.  There are some perks to being pregnant because 20 min after the parade started I was offered a seat where Blaiden and I could see while sitting down.  Blaiden was not to sure about it when everything started but when he heard the bands and watched some dance teams he loved it.  I left about an hour after it started to go and get my massage and Fred and Blaiden stayed for about 45 more minutes until Blaiden was ready to go.  It was a fun time and I think Blaiden enjoyed his first parade. 

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