August 17, 2013

It gets better ever year...

A week ago I celebrated my 27th birthday.  I am not going to lie I love my birthday, who doesn't love to get spoiled and celebrated the day they were welcomed into this world.  Thankfully Fred knows this about me and does a very good job every year.  This year I wanted to make my own dinner and had a great menu planned, Salmon for me and a steak for Fred, mashed potatoes with fresh parsley, fresh green beans, and a cobbler for dessert.  Because I was making my own dessert on my birthday Fred gave me cupcakes the night before.  I had been wanting to try this local cupcake shop since Blaiden's birthday but they seemed to be closed every time I thought about it.  They were delicious.  I also ate one for lunch the next day.

During the day I got a few cards that I could open, I got a lot of phone calls, and mostly I spoiled Blaiden because I could.  Fred had to work late so I ended up cooking out on the grill (no big deal).  When he got home he had Blaiden bring me my gift which was a pregnancy massage already scheduled for that Saturday.  We ate dinner, put Blaiden to bed, and then I ate dessert.  It was a great day.  When I got my massage on Saturday it was fantastic.  It was very relaxing and something that I was very much in need of.

My boys are the BEST!!!

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