August 27, 2013

Blaiden's First Baseball Game

On Sunday August 18th, the hospital that Fred works at had a get together at a baseball game.  It was Ohio's minor league team and we had a great time.  We left our house at about 11:15 so that Blaiden could take a nap in the car.  We ended up driving all the way to Cleveland and back to Akron before he woke up.  When we got to the game we walked around outside because there were a ton of geese and Blaiden wanted to chase them around.  Then we went in to a picnic with the people from the hospital.  Blaiden loved eating a hotdog and chips until he discovered that there were also cookies, after that it was hard getting him to finish his lunch.  He did get a cookie for dessert and shoved the whole thing in his mouth as fast as he could.  To get out of giving him another one we decided to walk around inside the stadium.  Blaiden had a blast walking/running around and showing off for all the people.  When the game started we went to go look for our seats.  Blaiden stopped at a rail and watched the game there for a few minutes.  It was the cutest thing ever.


We all had a great time and we even got to stay for the entire game, which I was thinking we wouldn't.  I think that this will be happening again. 

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