October 11, 2013

All about Blaiden

There have been a few changes with Blaiden and I wanted to do an update on these changes.

We have been refinishing the floors in the kids' bedrooms.  Fred did all the work of tearing out the old carpet, prepared the floor, sanding, staining, and polyurethane.  All the work took 2-3 days but the hard part was waiting at least a week for the floors to cure before we moved the furniture back in.  We did the babies room first and then 2 weeks later we moved Blaiden into her room to work on his floor.  Blaiden did not like not being in his own room and we had a week and a half of being tired because no one in the house was getting a good night sleep. Blaiden is back in his room and sleeping much better.

Blaiden is now in a big boy bed!  It all started on August 28th when he was just sleeping in it at nap time.  This went really well, he would stay in bed and sleep his normal time.  A week and a half later we took the crib out and he was going to be in his bed the full time.  The first few nights went perfect.  He would go to sleep easy, didn't get out of the bed, and slept through the night.  After about 5 nights he started waking up and getting a little scared and would get out of bed.  I would have to go in and rock him and read stories to calm him down before he would go back to sleep.  Then we moved him into the babies room to do his floor and the sleeping just got worse.  The entire week and a half  he was in there he was waking up 3+ times a night.  He would not go back to sleep so we ended up watching cartoons in the middle of the night, reading an endless amount of books, and drying tons of tears.  When we moved him back into his bedroom it got a little better, we had to work at it but for the most part we are back to normal and sleeping through the night most of the time.
In the beginning I was against switching him into a toddler bed.  He was sleeping so well which meant I was sleeping.  Fred thought it was a good idea to get him in there before the baby came so we could use the same crib, I would have just bought another one.  Now that a month has passed I can say that Fred was probably right and we saved a bit of money reusing the crib we have.

Another big deal for Blaiden (not really, just a big deal for me) is he had a babysitter for an entire day!  Okay, Okay, it wasn't an entire day it was from about 10:30 to 3:45.   I have only been away from Blaiden for that long 1 other time but it was at night and so he didn't really know I was gone that long.  I had a few doctor appointments that were all scheduled on the same day.  It was going to be hard for Blaiden to come and spend so much time in a hospital and the doctors had said it would be best if he wasn't there so Fred and I could pay attention to what was going on.  We had a friend come over to the house.  When we left Blaiden didn't even get that sad which made it a little easier on me.  They had a great day and when we came home Blaiden was happy to see us but still just wanted to play.

This gets me thinking how when i have the baby I am going to be away from Blaiden for about 2 days! Again I am not sure he will mind it much but it is going to be so hard for me!!

And just because I love to share photos her are a few of Blaiden:

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