October 28, 2013

Boys will be Boys

Having a little boy is so much fun! However I find myself saying this statement all the time "He is such a boy!"  I love it that he digs in the dirt, gets into everything, and can find water anywhere.  I try and embrace this and so the other day it had been raining all morning and it finally cleared up in the afternoon.  It was very wet outside and plenty of puddles for him to splash in.  It was chilly so I knew we wouldn't have a ton of time but I wanted him to have some fun.  I think he did and here is the proof:

It first started out with him running through the mud, splashing and laughing.

Then the digging started.  by the time he was done he was sitting in the mud and throwing it at Kiara.

We ended our time outside rinsing off his little swimming pool that was full again thanks to the morning rain.

I think he had a great time outside! Boys are so much fun.

That being said I am very excited to have a baby girl.  I know some girls love dirt and water too and I hope mine does but it will also be fun to have an afternoon where we can paint our nails!

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