October 7, 2013

Apple Picking

A friend of mine asked if we wanted to go apple picking with her and her kids.  It sounded so fun so Blaiden and I went.  The day was a little overcast and we were worried that it might start raining on us but it turned out to be a great day for apple picking.  Blaiden had a blast running around, I could hardly keep up with him.  He was so excited to just touch everything.  When he started picking apples he was grabbing with both hands, it was so cute.  After a few he found an apple he liked and started to chow down, I had to finish filling up our bag because he was to busy eating.

We ended up with an entire bag of apples for $4!  Blaiden had fun which was really the only goal and now I can't wait to make this a yearly occurrence.  Maybe even more frequent then once a year.

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