October 9, 2013

Yard Sale

About a month ago we had a yard sale.  This post is a little late, I actually didn't plan on writing a post about it because it was not that eventful, but when I was looking at my pictures from this last month I have some great ones I wanted to share.  First lets talk about our yard sale.  During the move we found that we had a ton of stuff that we didn't want anymore.  I would have just given it all away but Fred talked me into having a yard sale.  We asked around and found another family that wanted to add some stuff so we had enough to make it worth while. The week before Fred and I were pricing and setting up every night after Blaiden went to bed, and some nights before.  We set everything up in the garage and sun room so I wouldn't have to do much when I opened each day.  We held it Thursday thru Saturday and there were 2 other houses on our street that were doing the same thing, I think this really helped out with getting traffic.  We got rid of almost all of our stuff, made some extra money, and cleaned out our house.  Now here are the pictures:

 Blaiden was having so much fun while Fred was cleaning out the grill we were selling. 

 Fred was there to help on Friday afternoon and Saturday so we moved stuff out into the driveway.


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