March 11, 2014

4 Months Old

Four Months Old

My Appearance:  I now weigh 13 pounds 2 ounces and am 23.5 inches long.  I have grown this past month and I am looking a little leaner than I did last month.  That being said, I still have a very round middle section.  My eyes are still dark, beautiful, blue/grey color.  My hair is growing unevenly now so I have a few strands that are a little longer than others.  It is still very blonde and hard to see but it is growing.  My head circumference is also growing because I can now wear some of my head bands and pretty bows, I think Mommy likes this more than me. 

Milestones:  This month I have learned so much, not only do I smile more but I also laugh.  I am still pretty stingy with these but I am getting better about letting people see my smile and hear my laugh.  I still won’t let Mommy get a picture of it however!  She is getting a little upset about that.  I am getting a lot stronger and like to sit forward now because I can hold up my head better.  I am starting to push off with my legs now too.  I have discovered my hands and I love to bring them together and just see what I can do with them.  I can also follow Mommy and Daddy’s voice and know their faces. I also know when they leave and I always try and yell to get them to come back. 

Daily Routine:  I am sleeping through the night on a consistent basis now and Mommy loves that.  She still has to get up in the night to pump but she likes that she is only awake for about 20 minutes rather than the hour when I was waking up.  I wake up about 6 and eat every 3 hours until I go to bed around 9.  I take a nap whenever I am tired, 1 long nap and 2-3 short ones.  I am playing a lot more and love to hear music.  Blaiden, Mommy, and I have singing and dance parties almost every day. 

Special Events:  I got to see g-ma again this month and one day she was moving like a train and I thought that it was so funny I was giggling so loud.  I am happy Mommy was in the room because she gets jealous when I do stuff when she is not around.  G-ma also got to watch me and Blaiden while Mommy and Daddy went out on a date.  I also celebrated my first Valentine’s Day.  I’m not sure what was going on but I wore a cute shirt and Mommy took a ton of pictures.  

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