March 12, 2014

Adilene's Room

I wanted to do a tour of Adilene's room mostly to show it off.  I love how it turned out, it is actually the room in the house that has taken the most time and work (if you don't count the basement that we are doing now).

 This is a letter that my mom made for Adilene, it hangs on the outside of her door and I love it.  It is the perfect way into her room.  The yellow wall has a grey stencil on it that I love.  When my mom was out here in August we painted her room and it took about 3 days all together but this wall is my favorite wall in the entire house.  After it was all painted Fred refinished the hardwood floors.  That was also a project that was a little difficult but the end result looks great.  The bedding is another part of the room I love.  I found this material when I went home to Colorado in October and wanted to try and make her bedding.  My Granny offered to do it for me and I of course said yes!  I love that it is so unique, no one but Adilene has this bedding (minus the sheets).  The frames were a Christmas gift from my mom.  I love the quote and they work great in the room. 

 We had all of her furniture except the glider before she was born.  Even though she was a month early we had almost everything in place.  One of the best parts of having a girl are the hair accessories.  My sister-in-law had display similar to this.  I thought it was super cute and practical so I could see what she had.  I completed this project for about $5 and love the impact it has in this corner of her room. 

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