July 21, 2014

A Family Fun Filled Day

Saturday June 28th we had a day full of fun activities planned.  We started off with a trip to the Military Aircraft Preservation Society (MAPS) Air Museum.  I had purchased tickets off of Groupon about 2 months prior and they were going to expire soon so we thought it was a good weekend to use them.  Blaiden had the best time.  He is really into planes right now and so he was so excited to go around and look at all the different planes.  We had a great time looking at planes from WWI and WWII eras as well as a medical camp that was set up there.  I think Blaiden's favorite part was going out on the tarmac to look at planes out there.  He was running all around pointing saying "plane" and dragging Fred along.  Adilene was awake for the entire trip and her and I took a break so I could feed her.  Overall it was a fantastic time.  Blaiden ended up with a helicopter as a souvenir and I am sure it will not be the last time we visit.

On our way home we stopped at a local grocery store where they were having a "Big Truck Day."  Adilene was asleep for this part but Blaiden got to get out and climb all over tractors, dump-trucks, and even a fire truck.  He honked the horns and kept saying "G-pa drive tractor." He thinks my dad is always on a tractor because the last time he talked to him he was on the tractor.  This trip didn't last to long because it was getting past naptime.

After naptime was over and everyone had eaten we went to a carnival at a local park.  We had a great time and Blaiden got to ride a few rides which he loved.  First we ate a small dinner then Blaiden made his way to the bouncy house.  There wasn't a line at the time and so he was in there for a good 15 minutes before he had to get out and let others play.  Then we went over to a dragon roller coaster ride that Blaiden said he wanted to ride.  Fred and Blaiden went to stand in line and I took Adilene to the other side so we could get some good pictures.  As I was waiting for his turn I was very nervous for him because he would have to ride alone and it went pretty fast.  When it was his turn he was put with an older boy who wanted his hands in the air and so that is what Blaiden did.  He had a great time but after it went around a few times he was over it and ready for the ride to be over.  He didn't get scared but he was no longer smiling.  He came running over to me to tell me all about it.  Next we headed over to the carousel and I took Blaiden on a ride.  It was the same reaction as the roller coaster, he enjoyed it for a minute and then was over it and wanted to move on to something else. 

Everyone was tired from our day and so it was time to head home.  It was a great day spent as a family and I can't wait until for our next adventure. 

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