July 9, 2014

G-Ma Visits

About a month ago my mom came into town for a visit.  We had such a great time, and the kids loved having some extra attention on them.  She got in late on a Saturday night so the kids were already asleep when she got here so I took her on a late night grocery shopping trip.  The next morning when Blaiden woke up all he wanted to do was go upstairs and tickle G-Ma awake.  She never gets to sleep in here because of the time change, she usually wakes up around 6AM Colorado time.

The rest of the day we played and then Fred and I decided it would be the only day we could go out on a date.  We went to go see a movie which we haven't done since Christmas.  We then went to dinner, this part was hard for me becasue I didn't want to go after the movie, I just wanted to go back home because I felt I had been gone long enough.  Fred and my mom both talked me into going and so we went up to Akron to a place we have heard about.  It was great and I am happy we took the time to have a great afternoon without the kids.

Monday we did a little shopping and bought a few things to make a 4th of July craft.  It was a day of playing and I think G-Ma loved it as much as the kids did.  We also decided to make a run up to the outlet mall.  With 2 kids in tow now we cant have the marathon shopping days we use to have but we got a few hours in before we had to head home.  I think Blaiden had fun because he got to feed the fish and ducks and I think he rode 3 different rides.

Tuesday we decided to go swimming.  It turned out to be a cooler day but not horrible, this also meant that the pool was not crowded.  Blaiden did not like being in the big pool.  He would hang on for dear life and wouldn't let go, so he spent most of his time in the kid splash area that had a bunch of fountains.  Adilene was a little shocked when she got into the water for the first time but we had a great floating toy for her and in the end she loved being pushed around in the big pool.  We had a picnic there and played a little after lunch until Blaiden was getting grouchy from pushing back his nap.

Wednesday was her last full day here and again we relaxed a little and played with the kids for most of the day.  Blaiden has a "Me and Grandma" book that we read sometimes and it talks about baking cookies with Grandma so Blaiden wanted to do that while G-Ma was visiting.  While the kids took a nap we went outside and pulled some weeds.

Thursday we had about half a day and so in the morning we cleaned my house (thanks Mom).  We left for the airport early so we could run by the mall and pick up a shirt we passed up on Monday.  Then it was time to drop her off at the airport.  I felt like we needed one more day but I always do.  It was hard to say goodbye but it was softened a little knowing we have the next 3 trips planned!

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