October 16, 2014

Adilene 11 Month Birthday

Eleven Months Old

My Appearance:  I am now weighing in at 19 pounds 8 ounces and 27.5 inches long.  It was another month of slow growth but I am moving all over and this is how I burn all of my calories.  My hair is just growing and growing and it is so long that it gets in my eyes sometimes.  The back is still a little bit shorter and it doesn’t cover my neck yet.  I have beautiful blue eyes just like my dad and brother still.  My eyebrows are very blonde and you can’t really see them.  My face is round and so when I smile I get big round cheeks that mom says are the cutest things ever.  I am getting longer and now I wear all my 12 month clothes.  A few of my shirts are tight around my arms because I have some extra chubbier then normal.  My legs are also chunky but that is nothing new.

Milestones:  This month has been another month of good practice for me.  I haven’t really done anything new but I am getting really at the things I have done.  I can get anywhere I want to go; mom and dad have had to start closing the gate to downstairs because I am interested in looking down there.  I also love to go to the front door and try and eat all the shoes.  I am working on eating.  I am getting better everyday and I really like sitting in my high chair. 

Daily Routine:  I am on a very good routine right now and nothing has really changed from last month.  My morning nap is getting pushed back a little more but I still take 2 naps.  I wake up around 6:30 and go to bed around 7.  I still sleep all night which my mom is thankful for.  I love to go outside now and roll around on the grass, play with Blaiden and Kiara, and go for walks.  I practice on sitting up and playing with all my toys.

Special Events:  I started this month out in Colorado where I got to go swimming, meet a ton of new people, and ride a horse. I had a great time going to Creede and meeting my great grandparents’ and helping my great grandpa celebrate his 80th birthday.  I got to ride on a plane again when we came home.  I also went to a pumpkin patch with my mom and brother with the school I go to.  I started going to a playgroup at the school I’m involved on Friday mornings and I love it.  

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