October 21, 2014

Train Ride

A few weekends ago Fred had the entire weekend off and so we looked for something fun to do with the kids.  There were a few things to choose from and so we let Blaiden choose what he thought was the funnest.  It came down to going to a farm or going to ride a train.  Blaiden finally decided that the train is what we would do this weekend.  It turned out we didn't really research what we were doing and so it was a little bit farther away than we originally thought and it was a little 4 mile ride on a mini train.

When we got there, there was a huge line and it took about an hour of waiting before our 10 minute ride.  Blaiden got to run around and watch the trains so the wait wasn't horrible.  The ride was fun and I think the kids enjoyed it.

Because we had drove all that way for a short ride we decided it would be fun to go and eat some ice cream for lunch.  We found a little homemade ice cream shop and Blaiden loved getting to pick his own flavor.

It turned out to be a fun day even though we didn't do much.  I love these little family days.  I know that it is just going to get better when Adilene can be a little bit more excited for these little outings.  

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