October 12, 2014

Trip to Colorado part 1

My goal was to write about our trip the week after we got back so I could remember all the little details but here we are 3 weeks later and I am just getting to it.  I decided to split it into 2 parts.  Part 1 is the first part of our trip with just me and the kids mostly doing stuff with the Larsen side before Fred flew in.  Part 2 will be the rest of the trip when Fred was with us.

Saturday Aug 30:  A day I was excited and nervous about.  I was going to be flying to Colorado alone with 2 kids.  I had decided weeks before that I was not going to get stressed out and just take our time doing everything to try and avoid any extra stress.  Security at our airport is easy and so we got to our gate only losing a gel ice pack from our cooler.  I let Blaiden run crazy while we waited for our plane to try and get as much energy out as possible.  We got on the plane and a very nice mom, who said she was missing her babies, sat next to us.  I had packed a ton of activities and candy for Blaiden and we went through about half of them during the flight.  Adilene had a little problem with take off and landing but she took a little nap and played the rest of the time.

When we got to Denver my parents were there waiting for us.  We loaded up, Blaiden ran a few laps around the Carousel and we headed to dinner.  Dinner took a while but that was okay we had a booth so Adilene could stretch out and Blaiden was loving all the attention he was getting from G-ma and G-pa.
It was a very long day and we didn't get home until about 2am but it went better then I ever expected.

Sunday Sept 1: We were all a little tired but that helped us adjust to the 2 hour time change a little bit easier.  We got up around our normal time and got ready to go to church with my parents.  Blaiden entertained himself by using a mirror to apply lipstick.  When Fred sees this he might be a little upset.  Blaiden went to a class without me but he only lasted about 20 minutes before he realized I was gone and needed to come find me, it didn't help that he was very tired.  That night we had a party with all the Larsen's.  It was so fun to get to see everyone and they all got to meet Adilene for the first time.  We ended the party with jump roping and singing happy birthday to 4 different people.  The kids ended up singing happy birthday and blowing out the candles about 20 times then ate the cake with their fingers.  I think Blaiden was in heaven.

Monday Sept 2: It was labor day and we decided we would just hang out around the house and then have a cookout later that night.  In the morning my dad had to work a little and this thrilled Blaiden because he got to go out and ride the tractor for about an hour.  My dad said he touched every single button twice asking the same question "what's that?"  After he learned what everything did he was ready to come home.  After naptime we started a bonfire and cleaned up all the dead wood from the summer.  Blaiden loved taking all the wood to the pile before we started it but after the fire was started he was kind of over it.  Adilene didn't really like the fire either but I think it was because of the smoke.  Jed and his family came over that night and so the kids got to play and have some cousin fun time. 

Tuesday Sept 3:  I decided to head down to Sanford today to have lunch with Kella, Chera, Cindi, Audra, Pixie and all the kids.  They couldn't come up on Sunday and so I was happy I could spend this time with them.  We also stopped by Granny's house and Blaiden got to go out and see the horses with her while I fed Adilene.  We also got to stop by Fred's mom's work, this was the first time we got to see her this trip.  Blaiden had a great time running around her office and was trying to get into everything.  That night we decided to go swimming.  Jed, Kaitlyn, the girls, and my parents came with us.  The kids had a blast!  I think this could have been the best night of our trip, Blaiden actually tried to swim and wasn't hanging on for dear life like he usually does in water, Adilene would not stop laughing, and everyone just had a great time.

Wednesday Sept 4:  This is the Day Fred flew in!  We were so excited we would finally get to see him (for a few minutes anyway).  Fred flew into Denver at 9 and his brother Casey picked him up and then they headed to the Valley.  I pushed off naptime a little and we met at his mom's work.  Fred's aunts were also there and so they all got to meet Adilene for the first time.  We hung out there for about an hour and then Fred headed up to Creede to visit his family up there while I took the kids back to my parents house.  Fred tried talking Blaiden into going with him but he chose to stay with me (Yay! I'm happy I am still his first choice, not sure how much longer that will last!).  That night I got to cook for the whole family.  I made one of my "hippie" meals as my brothers like to call it but I think everyone enjoyed it because there was not much left over.  To end the night my mom got out a cup of flour so we could play a game.  It started out innocent but it ended up a little crazy, just look at the pictures.  This is what G-ma allows at her house! 

Continue to part 2.

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