February 10, 2015

Advent Calender

This year we thought about buying the elf on a shelf but we weren't sure if Blaiden would understand the concept so we just did our own little advent calendar where Santa's elves would magically write on a paper telling him what to do that day.  He loved looking to see if the elves had wrote on the paper and would get so excited when there was a note on there.  We did some fun things but his favorite was when they told him to look on the Christmas tree for a candy cane.

A lot of these pictures don't look the best.  I took most of them using my phone and so they are all a little blurry. 
 Making Christmas cookies that we then took to some of our friends.

 We got to go and meet Santa!  Blaiden loved it and wanted to play with him all day.

 They got their own felt tree to decorate over and over again in hope that they would leave the real tree alone.  That didn't really happen. 
 Decorating the Christmas tree.
 Making paper snowflakes (I think that this was his 2nd favorite thing we did.)

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