February 9, 2015


Well I finally am getting around to working on the blog.  It has been almost a month and I find I still haven't wrote anything about Thanksgiving.  I am sure that this will be short and sweet because it has been almost 3 months and I probably forgot all the cute details (fail on my part). 

These past few years Thanksgiving has been a pretty relaxed holiday, last year I just bought a rotisserie chicken.  It is usually just us, I do try and make most of the normal holiday dishes but just on a much smaller scale.  This year Fred was on call and so I didn't even really know if he would be around for dinner.  It turned out to be a pretty easy day for him, I was happy we were all together for dinner.  We had a friend that needed a place to eat since he couldn't go home so he came over.  Dinner turned out great minus the rolls which didn't rise very well, but that didn't seem to phase Blaiden.  The plate of rolls was next to his plate and I think by the end of dinner every single roll had a bite taken out of it.  Adilene loved dinner!  This is when she really started on table foods and she enjoyed every dish!

After dinner I tried to get a picture of the kids but they were not cooperating and so every picture I have is blurry, O'well.  It was a great day filled with food, family, and Cowboy's football hard to ask for much more.

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