June 30, 2015


(Get ready for picture overload)

With little ones it seems like I try and extend any holiday.  Easter this year lasted almost 2 weeks not counting the month we had Easter egg hunts in the house.  It all started a with our play group where we had an Easter egg hunt.  The kids had such a great time and Blaiden was so excited that there was candy in the eggs.  Adilene wasn't sure about everything but when she found an egg she loved the sound it made when she would shake it.  We got a pair of bunny ears for Blaiden's first Easter and we have got them out every year since and he loves them.  This year we added a purple version for Adilene.  My mom was here for this and it was so fun to have her.  She had a great time with the kids and Blaiden will show off for anyone.

A few days before Easter we dyed our eggs.  Blaiden was very excited for this and that made it all the more fun.  I tried to involve Adilene but she decided that playing under the table was more fun.  Blaiden did much better this year then last year, he only broke about half the eggs this time around.  He also was very conscious about the mess he was making.  I guess I should let him be a little messier sometimes. 

Easter Sunday was a great day.  The kids didn't wake up too early but when they did Fred and I got to watch as they searched for eggs and discovered what the Easter bunny left them.  Blaiden was thrilled to show Adilene what was in her basket.  I think this will be the last holiday she will be okay with him opening everything for her, he is going to be disappointed when he figures this out.

The Easter bunny this year was tricky and not only did he hide eggs inside he also hid some outside.  I guess that is what happens when Fred and I blend our family traditions.  Then it was time to get busy in the kitchen.  I always invite people over for "family" holidays because I know it is hard to always spend these special days when your family is so far away.  We had 5 people over this year and had a great time.  Dinner turned out wonderful and despite having to use lawn chairs around the dining room table it worked out great!

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