June 11, 2015

Grown-up Trip

Fred asked me if I would take a trip with him at the beginning of March and I had a hard time saying yes because I couldn't imagine leaving the kids but I finally decided it would be a good idea.  Fred had it all planned out so when I said yes he told me to start looking for flights for my mom to come out because that would be the only way I would leave my kids.  We decided that the last weekend that month would be perfect and so I only had a few weeks to get everything ready.

My mom flew in on a Thursday and so I got to spend a little time with her before we left on Friday afternoon. When Fred got home from work around noon on Friday we got in his truck and headed to Niagara Falls, Canada.  It was so hard to leave!  We decided we would just spend Friday night in Buffalo NY (after we went by the Bills stadium of coarse.)  Duke and Michigan State were playing and we wanted to cross the boarder in the light so we could see everything.


Saturday morning we got up and headed to Canada!  We were both a little nervous about crossing the border but it was fun to see all the different stations it took to get across.  However I was a little disappointed because we didn't see any men dressed in the bounty uniform.  We drove around a little and then we decided to go see if we could check in early to our room.  When we went to get our phone out for the GPS we realized we didn't have a international plan and so we felt like it was 15 yeas ago when you would just have to drive around until you found it.  We found our hotel and parking with only a little searching and checked in early.  The view from our room was AMAZING!  We just relaxed the rest of the day walked around the street we were staying on.  That night we went to an amazing restaurant that was in our hotel.  It was fun because we got dressed all fancy and had a romantic dinner.

Sunday morning we went to a nearby town a friend told us about and had a great time just looking at all the shops and walking around.  The only bad part was that it was freezing! We stayed there for a few hours then headed back to our room.  We were staying right by the Falls and so that afternoon we went down to get a closer look.  When we got down there it was so cool, we were standing about 5 feet from the water and we both got a little nervous, especially when a kid was getting pretty brave and standing on the fence (I guess that is the parent in us coming out).  We stayed there for a while but honestly it was so cold we would rather look at it from our window in the room so we headed back.  That night we watched basketball then headed out to find some dinner.

After dinner we thought it would be fun to go to the casino for a little while.  Fred loves going, I don't get that excited about it but I thought it might be fun for a little while.  We walked around for a little while then decided to play a table game.  We ended up at a roulette table and Fred was teaching me all the rules.  He bet a couple times then left me to bet the next round while he went to the bathroom.  I started freaking out, I was sweating, short of breath, and had no idea what I was doing.  I actually ended up winning a little and Fred was impressed when he got back.  We bet one more round and then I said we were done.  I did not enjoy the "rush" of gambling.  We actually won about $80 so that was exciting but I don't think I will be doing that again any time soon.  Fred thinks I am a baby!

Monday morning we woke up and headed home.  I was so ready to be home and it felt like the drive took forever.  I was so excited to be home and see my kiddos!

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