September 18, 2012

First Word!!!!

Who would have thought that one of the best moments of my life would happen in Walmart.  Well it did.  On August 29th Blaiden and I were strolling through the isles looking for some storage ideas and I guess I wasn't paying enough attention to Blaiden because he started whining.  I looked at him and he had his arms stretched out to me and said "MAMA"!!!!  Of course I had to pick him up right then.  I was so excited and just talking away with Blaiden. I am sure the people walking by were thinking that is one crazy mom, but I didn't care.  I was not positive that he had said it but it happened two more times that day.  I finally got a first.  He is saying it more and more everyday and I still get excited every time.  Now it's time to work on "dada."

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