September 7, 2012

Mobile Baby

 I am an little behind on the updates this happened almost 3 weeks ago, time just seems to fly by.  So a few weeks ago Fred was home on the weekend and we figured that we would try and baby proof a little because we knew the crawling was coming soon.  Less then a week later on August 16th, it happened.  Of course Blaiden waited until I was out of the room and started crawling for Fred first.  This always happens, I am the one who is always around and then when Fred and Blaiden are alone Blaiden decided to do the big stuff.  Fred loves this.  The next morning I got to see him do it and my mom was here so she got to see him crawl too.  He has not stopped yet and is loving his new found freedom.  He finds something new to explore every day.  He loves that he can now go to Kiara and play with her, she actually likes this too.  He has had a few boo boo's but nothing big yet. I am sure it is coming soon.  Everyday he is getting faster and it is starting to look like a real crawl, it started out as more of an army crawl.

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