November 18, 2013

The Conclusion to the Colorado Trip

Wednesday was going to be our last day, the plan was to go into town with my mom and do some shopping.  However when we got home on Tuesday night my dad asked if we could stay longer.  He asked if we could stay forever, I countered with Saturday and he accepted. 
Granny came into town and we walked around downtown and got something for everyone in the family.  I even did some Christmas shopping.  It was a fun day.
Since we had some time Friday I went to see everyone one more time.  First we went to see Margaret, then we went to my mom's office to see the girls that work there, and my aunt Melissa was there also.  Then we headed down to Sanford.  First we went to Granny's to see the horses.  Blaiden loved this.  He was so excited he tried to climb the fence just to be closer to them.  He also got a treat from his uncle Cole, he doesn't get candy very often but he loved the sucker.

After Granny's house we headed out to Papa's.  He was supposed to be working on the cows but it got pushed back to Saturday.  Instead we started walking around the fields.  Blaiden found some water in a trough and ended up falling in.  It was scary for a few seconds, Blaiden was soaking wet and we had to run inside to take a bath to clean him off and find some dry clothes.  Papa then took us out to see the cows.

On Saturday morning my parents drove us back up to Denver so we could go home.  Our flight went great again, this time we had the entire row to ourselves.  Blaiden played with the guy behind us and then as we landed Blaiden fell asleep.  Fred was there to pick us up.  We had a great trip but we were sure happy to be home, we had been gone from Fred for to long.  

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