November 5, 2013

Trick or Treat

We do things a little different here in Ohio, a day and time is chosen by the neighborhood. It is usually the Sunday before Halloween from 3-5pm.  I assume that this is supposed to make it safer for all the kids running around but it has taken us a few years to get use to it.

 We had some friends come over and bring their daughter because our neighborhood is perfect for trick-or-treating.  With this being our first Halloween in this house we assumed there would be a lot of kids out.  We were so right, almost every house on our street was very decorated and people sit out in their driveways just handing out candy.  This made me fall in love with our house a little bit more then I already am.
 Blaiden was supposed to be Jake the Pirate from a TV show he watches.  When it was time to get dressed he liked his costume for about 30 seconds then was just trying to rip it off.  We knew that it would be no fun if he wasn't happy so we threw together a Denver Bronco football player outfit from his everyday clothes and he was much happier.  Blaiden helped pass out candy for a while then it was time for us to go trick-or-treating.  Blaiden was having so much fun.  He wouldn't say anything but he waved at everyone.  Our friends dressed up as a family in SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy, they looked so cute and got a ton of comments because they had a family theme.
I think this is my favorite holiday so far with Blaiden.  He didn't fully understand what it was all about, I don't think, but he had a great time running around.  He also loved that he actually got to eat some candy!  I can't wait for Christmas now to see if he has as good of a time opening presents!

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