November 18, 2013

Trip to Colorado

Blaiden and I decided we wanted to take a trip to Colorado before the baby comes because we are not sure when we will get to go next.  I booked a flight and planned my days for the short trip home.  It had to be a quick trip to fit in between all our doctor visits.  At this point I didn't know if I would need to go in for weekly non-stress tests or not so we were planning on being back in time.  We found out two days before we left that I wouldn't have to get the tests yet!

Fred gave Blaiden and I a ride to the airport just down the road on a Friday afternoon.  We had a non-stop flight to Denver where my parents were waiting to pick us up.  Blaiden did great on the flight, he found a friend about his same age in the seat in front of us and they kept each other busy for a while.  I also had a DVD he could watch which helped him stay calm and sit nicely on my lap.

When we got to Denver my parents were shocked as to how big my belly was.  They couldn't get enough of Blaiden and they were so cute as to how excited they were.  We went out to dinner and then headed home.  Blaiden slept the entire way home which is no surprise because it was way past his bedtime.  When we finally got home it was late and so unlike usual, we didn't stay up all night and talk, we all went to bed.

Our big plan for Saturday was to see Kaitlyn, Hadley, and new baby Emerson!  I was very excited to meet Emerson and for Blaiden and Hadley to play together.  We took the morning easy and then headed over to Jed and Kaitlyn's house.  It was the first time I got to see there new house and it was beautiful.  Blaiden and Hadley played for hours and had a great time together.  I got to meet Emerson and she is so sweet.  This is what I miss about not living closer to family.

My parents came to pick us up to go home for the night and Blaiden found himself a new friend...

On Sunday we planned a big Larsen family party.  We thought it would be easier for us to get to see everyone if we had a party rather then us going down to Sanford for the day.  It was go great to see everyone and almost all the family was there.  I got to meet 3 more babies that I hadn't got to yet even though 2 of them were 7 months old.  The kids ran wild and this was very entertaining for Blaiden but his best friend was Asia who he has always had an attachment with.

 We ended the night cuddling together with the cat.  I guess Blaiden was missing his Mommy since our day had been so busy with a ton of different people.

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