December 31, 2013

Family Time

On the 7th of December we had some visitors come out.  My mom, dad, and brother Thad got to come out for a few days before Christmas.  We all had a great time and they left to soon.  It felt like we managed to do a ton of fun stuff while they were here but also had time to relax.  I even talked my dad into doing a few projects around the house.

They got in late on Saturday and so we relaxed that night and most of Sunday too.  Monday Fred went into work and so my dad replaced our garbage disposal and hooked up the water to our fridge.   Tuesday was our fun day.  Fred took the day off and we went up to Amish country.  We had to take both cars because there is no longer enough room in the jeep (we need a new car).  We drove around (Fred got lost) and got to look at the area, stopped at a cheese factory and candy store and ended our trip with a stop at this fun general store that had anything you can think of.  Later that night we did a little shopping and went out to eat.  Wednesday it was time for them to leave but they had a later flight so we had most of the day.  My dad and I went shopping and then out to lunch, just the 2 of us.  I haven't had any daddy daughter time in a while and it was so nice to be alone with him.  I am not sure what night it was but Fred, Thad and I went to the movies.  It has been over a year since I have went to a movie so I sure enjoyed it. 

I felt like I got to spend time with each person and that made their trip out here great, it's things like this that make me sad we don't live near our families. 

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