October 12, 2015

Blaiden Starts Preschool!!

Blaiden had his first day of preschool on August 17th.  I was a little late registering and so when I was looking for one I discovered most were full.  We finally found one that we liked and that had an opening.  He was so excited to start and talked about it for days leading up to the first day.

I knew that this day would be hard on me and so I had to try really hard to make sure that Blaiden didn't see me having a hard time letting him go.  First thing he said when he woke up was "is it time for school yet?"  That right there lets me know he is defiantly ready to go.  We got ready, ate a good breakfast, Fred stopped in to tell Blaiden to have a good day, packed his lunch, and headed out.  Our favorite song came on the radio and so we had a party on the way!  When I got him out of the car he said "don't be sad mom, goodbye," and started to walk across the parking lot!  I told him to wait and I was going to go in with him.  Once we were in his classroom he picked his cubby and started playing.  I talked with his teacher for a few minutes then went to go tell him goodbye.  I told him how much I loved him and to have so much fun, He was so busy already that I didn't even get a response!

I walked out the door and put Adilene back in the car, I thought I was going to make it without crying.  Once I started driving away the tears started rolling.  I never use to cry about anything and was so in control of my emotions, then I had kids and now I cry all the time!  When we got home Adilene and I got to play one on one which was fun for us but the house was so quite it was very different.  She ended up taking an early nap and so I had most of the morning alone.  I wanted the day to by so fast so I just tried to work away the time.  I ended up getting a ton of things done and then it was time to go get him.

He was happy to see me and he was a little quiet about his day.  I just kept asking him questions and so I got a good idea of how things went.  He found 2 boys with Batman shirts on and so he played with them a lot.  He got to pick the book they read and he choose ABC's.  He liked his lunch and wanted to take a nap with all the other kids there.  He is very excited to go back.

I get a picture of him every day at school and so here are a few that I have.

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