October 16, 2015

Golf Outing

Fred had been pretty busy with work these last few weeks and so he hasn't gotten to spend a lot of time with the kids.  Blaiden was missing him a little and so he was very excited when I told him that Daddy would be home early that day and was going to play with us all night long.  It was a beautiful day and so after work Fred was invited to go golfing.

When he got home Blaiden wasted no time and asked Fred to go outside and play with him.  Fred told him that he had a choice for him to make.  He asked if he wanted him to stay home and play with the whole family or if Blaiden wanted to go golfing with him.  Blaiden automatically said golfing.  I packed a little snack bag and a drink while Fred got the clubs ready.

Fred said that he had a great time, he got to putt and even did better then Fred on one hole and was very proud of that fact!  I was missing him that day because he as went to school, came home and took a nap, then went golfing and so I hardly got to see him but I know how important the time is with just the boys and so I will give up some of my time with him.  I can't wait until Adilene and I get to have out little dates.
 Fred apologized for the lack of pictures, he said they were having to much fun to think about that!

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