October 14, 2015

Home Movie Night

Blaiden had seen the previews for the movie Home and would ask every time if he could watch it.  At the time when he was asking it was just being released on DVD.  I didn't really want to buy it because we never watch DVD's now and so I told him that he had to wait a few weeks and then we could rent it.  He remembered and would ask often if we could go get "my hands are in the air like I don't care" which is from a preview of the movie.

Finally the night had arrived, he was so excited when he got to pick it out and had to hold it the entire way home.  We made him wait until Adilene went to bed so we could all go down into the basement and watch it on the good TV.  Fred was on call that night and so he had to leave for a little bit.  Blaiden and I tried to wait for him but it was getting late so we made ourselves some popcorn and started the movie.  The look on his face was adorable, he felt so special and excited, I love when I get to experience these special times with him.  Fred showed up not long after we started the movie and we all snuggled on the couch together.  It was a wonderful night and movie was pretty cute too.

Blaiden also thought that he was so lucky because he got to stay up so late.  I think he went to bed just before 10!

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