October 9, 2015

Our Yearly Safari Trip

Every year since we have moved to Ohio we make a special trip up to Port Clinton and visit the drive through Safari park they have up there.  I always get our tickets from Groupon and so it is a pretty cheap family day. With the summer coming to a close and with Blaiden starting preschool we wanted to do this before things got busy (and by busy I mean football season starting and it consuming our, cough Fred's, weekends).  It takes a couple hours to get up there so Adilene slept and Blaiden sang songs the entire way.  It was a very hot day and so it wasn't that crowded but they were only letting about 15 cars in at a time and then we would have to wait 15-20 minutes before the next 15 cars could go through.  It wasn't the best time that we have had but Blaiden didn't seem to notice.  Adilene was getting a little board and just wanted to crawl around so it got a little wild in our car.

Once it was our turn to go through the kids loved it.  Adilene loves animals and so anytime one got close to us she would wave her arms and say "ooooo," it was the cutest thing.  Blaiden loved feeding everything and only got a little scared of the buffalo when it stuck its head in the car, this happens every year.  It was a lot of waiting compared to the time we were with the animals but it ended with Blaiden feeding the giraffe and zebras so he was happy.  We got out of the car to walk around and see a few of the smaller animals but it was just to hot to stay very long so we all got back in the car and the kids slept on the way home.

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