November 13, 2015

Bronco's vs Browns

Fred ended up with 4 tickets to the Bronco's vs Brown's game.  Blaiden had been looking forward for his first football game for weeks!  It was a cold and rainy morning and it even snowed for a few minutes early that morning and so I was very worried about taking the kids to the game.  The entire way up there I just knew we would barely make it to half time before I made Fred leave.  As we were walking into the game I was worried about making it past the first quarter the wind was so cold.

Side story, Adilene and I couldn't even get in right away because I had brought a diaper bag and didn't know the rule of the clear plastic bag.  We had to go and check it at some random tent and it was a mess!

Once Adilene and I finally got to our seats I was very surprised.  The sun had come out and the wind wasn't bad.  We even took most of our coats off.  Fred and Blaiden were already having a great time, we had an extra ticket so we brought our friend Adam along.  Our seats were great and Blaiden was have so much fun with all the people around.  During the game there was a lot of getting up and letting the kids go run around, we bought way to much concession food, but I think everyone had a great day.
That is until the end.  The broncos started losing, Blaiden was ready to go, and our coats had been spilled on.  I decided to take Blaiden to go and get our bag and then we would head to the car assuming that game would be over and we all would be there about the same time.  The game went into overtime and so Blaiden and I had to wait in the car for a while.  Fred, Adilene, and Adam ended up leaving the game early also but I think that was because Fred was upset thinking the Bronco's were going to lose.  It was a crazy ending to the game and they actually ended up winning but it all worked out because we made it out of downtown before all the traffic.

I wasn't really looking forward to this game but in the end I think everyone had a great time!  I feel like I also have to justify why I am in Bronco clothing.  The Cowboys were on a bye week and I have Sanders on my fantasy team so to make Fred happy I put on his jersey.  Below are some pictures that Blaiden was very proud of taking all by himself.

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