November 17, 2015

Ukki and Tonka Come to Visit

Larry (Ukki) retired then end of September so what was his plan, tour the country and visit his kids!  We were so excited to learn that we would be getting some visitors the end of October.  The kids had so much fun with them and Blaiden got to spend an entire morning driving around with Ukki and Tonka looking for new pj's.  We got to do a ton of fun things and they were here for most of the Halloween parties, carving pumpkins, and even the Denver vs Green Bay game.  All of us kids sent them off to Canada to Niagara Falls for a couple of nights for a retirement gift.  They stopped back at our house for a night before heading out to Tennessee to see Phillip and Felicia.  Blaiden was so excited to see them again and he was really excited when they pulled out the gift they brought back for him and Adilene.

They watched the kids while Fred and I went out TWO nights in a row! The weather was so nice we all got to eat on the patio set they had gotten us last Christmas.  Fred was even able to take them out to Amish country while Blaiden was in school.  It was a great trip and we are so excited that we only have to wait about 3 weeks to see them again.

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