November 10, 2015

Fire Station

Another playgroup activity yet again.  This time we went to the fire station.  Blaiden was excited to go and get on a big truck is what he kept saying.  Our day started off by listening to a fireman talk about his gear, fire safety, and some of the equipment he uses.  All of the kids sat in the middle of the floor and to my surprise Adilene sat down there too!  She was having so much fun and she really didn't even look around for me, it was so great to see her be independent.  Blaiden was the big helper and he was the one that got hooked up to the heart rate monitor and also demonstrated "stop, drop, and roll." 

Next we got to go look at all the trucks.  I could hardly keep track of both of the kids they were running around so much.  They had a blast.  When it was time to outside the group was gathering together and I couldn't find Blaiden.  Just then I hear the horn in the ambulance.  Lets just say Blaiden was having a good time!

Last we got to go outside and use the fire hose!  Blaiden was first in line of coarse and had a great time.  He even started to spray the water a little more then the fireman wanted!  I took Adilene up there for a turn but she didn't want to participate in this activity, Blaiden was there to help. all she wanted to do was run into the water that was spraying out!

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