November 3, 2015

Fred's Trips

September was a very fun month for Fred.  He had a couple trips planned and even one in October.  First he went to Kansas City for the Bronco's game.  One of his very best friends from medical school lives there, so they had a boys weekend and had a little to much fun I think.  The Bronco's won so I know that Fred thinks that it was a great trip.

The next weekend he went to Detroit to go watch the Bronco's play again.  He has a friend who is also from medical school that lives there so he stayed at his house and they went to the game together.  Fred sent me a picture of them sitting around a fire pit and it reminded me of our time while Fred was in school.  We spent countless nights sitting around a fire pit have the best time.  The Bronco's also won this weekend and that always makes Fred happy.

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