November 4, 2015

Marvel Live

Fred and I were hanging out watching TV on a Friday night and we saw an ad for a Marvel Live event in Cleveland for the following day.  We looked it up and were so excited to find out that there were still tickets available.  When Blaiden woke up the next day and we told him what we were doing he was beyond excited.

This was my first time to a show like this and so I didn't really know what to expect.  Blaiden dressed up as Spider-man with his shirt and mask, I had a Spider-man shirt, Fred had a Captain America shirt, and Adilene had a Hulk shirt.  All the other kids were all dressed up and Blaiden was in aww of everything.  When the show started the kids sat and watched for most of the time and it was very entertaining.  There were a few new characters that Blaiden hadn't hear of but he was all about it.  We all had a great time!  Instead of buying something over priced at the event we told Blaiden he could get a Captain America mask and shield that he had found at the store the week before.  His collection of costumes is growing!

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