November 2, 2015

Mom Visits

The last weekend in September my mom got to come and visit.  It was a very short trip, she came out for my race weekend and so we didn't get to do much.  She flew in late Thursday night so I went to pick her up while Fred stayed with the kids.  Blaiden was very excited because he knew that when he woke up that G-ma would be here.

Friday we all woke up and played in the morning then had to head up to Akron to register for my race.  We came home and the kids napped.  Then we ended the day by playing outside and jumping on the trampoline. We didn't really do much but I think everyone had a really good day.

Saturday we all had to wake up very early so I could go run my race.  This was the main reason that my mom came out, she had to watch the kids while I ran.  Fred had to change some dates and had to work that morning because he was leaving to Detroit that afternoon.  I think the kids had a great time with their G-ma, (she lets them be a little more wild then mom and dad do.)  After the race we came home and relaxed for a while then went out to a great hamburger place for an early dinner.  On the way there Adilene fell asleep and so we decided to drive around for a little bit.  We drove by a park and Blaiden wanted to go play.  While he played with G-ma I stayed in the car and let Adilene sleep a little while longer.  Dinner was great and we we ended it with ice cream!  When we got home we went outside once again to run of a little bit of the sugar before bedtime.   After the kids went to bed we watched a movie and gave ourselves a pedicure.

Sunday we all slept in a little and then went shopping for a while in the morning.  We came home the kids napped, we watched some football and just played around all day.  The kids had so much fun with their G-ma!  The trip was a little to short for me but early Monday morning we had to get up and take her back to the airport.

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