August 10, 2014

4th of July

When we went to the baseball game back in May we got to see fireworks.  Since then all Blaiden can talk about is seeing more fireworks, so he has been waiting and waiting for the 4th of July.

The day started with us going to a parade.  We got there perfect timing and got a great spot.  Blaiden had a blast, there was so much candy thrown at him he was in heaven.

After the parade it was home for nap time.  Later we went to a big party at a doctor's house that Fred works with.  We had a great lunch that ended with ice cream and then a little dip in the pool.  Blaiden got a little to brave and without his floaties on he got a little to deep in the pool.  I freaked out and started yelling his name.  A friend was closer to the pool then I was and she stepped in and got him.  He was upset for a little while but got over it pretty quick.  They also had a big fireworks show ready to put on for everyone. 

We had to make it quick trip back home to change the kids into their PJ's and get a few blankets because it was a little cool that night.  When we got back it was just time to wait for the fireworks.  Adilene slept for a little while and Blaiden danced then it was time for fireworks.  We sat very close to the where they were shooting them off so we have to cover the kids ears.  A few even got a little to close for comfort.  Blaiden kept saying "fireworks boom, too loud me cover me ears."  It was a great day, and Blaiden has been asking for fireworks since then.

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