August 26, 2014

Hall of Fame

The Pro Football Hall of Fame weekend is about a month long.  There is so much to do and only the last weekend really has anything to do with football.  The kickoff celebration is the Hot Air Balloon Classic.  We go to this event every year and it just gets better with Blaiden more interested now.  There are about 20-50 balloons that all take off at the same time, sky divers, and they end the night with all the balloons lighting up in the dark to music.  We got there, ate some greasy food and watched all the balloons take off.  Blaiden got to play with some friends and we just relaxed on the grass.  We were getting ready to leave because it was getting late but another group of people said they were on their way so we stayed to say hi.  We ended up staying for the light up and Blaiden loved it!  There were some other kids around and they were all dancing and running around crazy to the music.  The entire way back home he kept saying "Me ride hot balloon," so I think he enjoyed it.

The next thing is a rib burn off.  This is where all the restaurants compete for the best ribs, sauces, and other things.  There are other things to do like listen to music and carnival stuff.  You can also walk through and see all the floats that will be in the parade.  Fred did this one with a friend this year.  When Fred came home he said we need to take the kids next year because there was a lot of kid friendly activities.

Then last thing we did was go the parade.  Blaiden had been looking forward to this since he went to the 4th parade.  This one wasn't as exciting for him because they didn't throw any candy but he loved all the music and balloons.  He also thought that the old cars and trucks were trains and kept saying "choo choo."  The music was a little loud for Adilene but she is very observant and enjoyed all the action going on around her.

There was a lot that we didn't make it to this year but maybe next year will be better. 

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