August 27, 2014

Potty Training

If you don't want to read about pee, poop, and get way to much information regarding a 2 year old's bathroom habits I would stop here.  If you don't mind this kind of talk read on, you have been warned...

I don't even know where to start with this post.  We tried to start several times with the first time back when Blaiden was around 2 I think.  We bought his potty chair about 6 months before that.  No matter what we did he would not use the potty.  He would sit there for a minute or two but then would get up and if we tried to make him sit, there would be a major melt down.  I was at a loss because he would never use the potty, I would even try to get him on there mid stream and once he sat down it would stop until I took him off again.

I read way too much about what was the best way to go about it and everyone had their own tips and tricks.  We decided that we needed to just have him naked all the time and give him chocolate when he actually made it to his potty. The first day was a very trying day, I really just wanted to give up then all the sudden he started to go pee on the carpet, realized what was happening and went and sat on the potty to finish.  After all the clean up I gave him a ton of praise and a few M&M's and he seemed to understand that this is how it all works.

That afternoon we took Kiara outside and Blaiden was still naked and in that fresh air he went pee outside.  I thought I would use this to my advantage because he seemed to like to go outside so several times a day I would let him go outside to pee.

After the first week was over and he did his first big job in the potty we asked him what he wanted as a treat and he said ice cream.  We headed out to Cold Stone and he got blue sweet cream with sprinkles on top, he still talks about his blue ice cream.

It has been about a month now and it is still a work in progress.  When he is naked he does really well and we don't really have accidents anymore but the second he gets clothes on he forgets all about using the potty.  He also has a hard time going #2 on the potty.  He will say "me butt hurt" and ask for a diaper so he can poop, or conveniently wait until he has a diaper on, not sure how we are going to fix this problem.  He still runs around the house naked all the time and really is only dressed if we leave the house.  Some of our company have gotten a little surprise when they walk in the door.

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