August 7, 2014

A weekend Away

June turned out to be a very busy month.  For the 3rd weekend in a row we had something going on.  This weekend we had 2 graduation dinners to attend.  We had a babysitter for the weekend but then our plans changed and Friday night no longer worked for our babysitter.  I asked out neighbors if they knew anyone that we could have come over and they offered to watch the kids for us.  I trust them and Blaiden loves their kids so I knew it would work out great.  We had a great time at the Ortho graduation.  They do a roast on the residents that were graduating and so the evening was nothing but jokes and I think we laughed for 4 straight hours.  The next day when Blaiden was awake I asked if he had a good time last night and all he said was "Mom bye-bye, Dad bye-bye, me jump with Grace."  I take this as a good sign that he got to jump on the tramp with Grace (she is 9 and Blaiden loves her) all night.

The next night we had the hospital residency graduation for all the programs.  We had our normal babysitter come to the house this night to watch the kids.  I think Blaiden was a little sad he couldn't go out and jump on the trampoline again.  We had a great time at this dinner, this graduation ceremony is a lot more sentimental.  We didn't get any pictures this night which I am a little sad about because we were all dressed up.  I really need to remember to take photos more than I have been.  It was a fun weekend but I sure missed my kids, I was so happy when I got to put them to bed on Sunday night.  

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